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Perl programs for Windows and Unix/Linux.

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Welcome to RLAJ.Com
Specializing in user friendly programs for the web.

Times are tough and money is tight for all of us.

We have decided to make all of our programs free to download.

Please Donate what you can to help keep the lights on @RLAJ.COM

If you are looking for a program that you can not find on our site, some of our programs were transferred to a new company, Juba Software.

We do custom programing for any web based products you need to enhance your users web experience. From e-commerce systems to site management systems. We write programs for all platforms, Linux, Windows and Mac servers. Use the contact link on any page to send us your needs and we will usually quote the same day. Our rates are very competitive and offer the best after the sale tech support in the industry.

At RLAJ.COM, when we design a program interface, a must is that the program be easy to use for both the owner and the end user. We write very easy to understand interfaces for our programs, to make it easy on the novice user to use your web site as you intend.

We are known for making programs easy to use and making intuitive interfaces for your customers. Our tech support is second to none! The customer is truly #1 and we will do all that we can to help with your site needs.

We have over 40 free programs and scripts that you can use freely on your web sites. Some of the programs are, Password protection, HtPasswd, Classifieds, Shopping Carts, FFA, Search Engines, and much more.

Links to some of our favorite sites

Program List

New Business Directory
Content Manager
Photo Gallery Software
Web Page Replicator
File Upload Program

Photo Classifieds Full
Photo Classifieds Lite
PayPal Cart Full
PayPal Cart Lite
Program Bundle
CC Mail Form
Help Desk Software
Scripts Special
Business Directory V1.0
Auto directory

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Ranson's Scripts

Help keep the lights on at

All our programs are designed for both Win NT servers and Unix/linux servers. We will install any of our programs on your server for $40.00 per hour.

Our technical support is second to none in the business. We are here to help with any problems you may encounter with our programs. If you would like references for our work, use the contact link to send us an email.

Free CGI Scipts

We offer over 40 free cgi scripts for your web site enhancement. Our mailform program MailForm is one of the most feature packed available. Attach a file to your email, make order forms, define the sort order, define required fields. Mailform will email virtually any type of form, and is designed for NT or Unix Systems.

Free Program List
  • PayPal Shopping Cart
  • Mail - Credit Card
  • Multi-user Shopping Cart
  • New V2.0 Simulated e-mail AutoResponder
  • 100 Links - Free Links Program
  • MailForm - Mails any form to you.
  • Directory & Classified Ad Program V1.0
  • Guestbook V3.0
  • Redirect - Redirects users and logs where they go
  • Super Secure Password - New V3.1 Password protect multiple pages
  • WhoIs Internic Lookup (unix only)
  • Search The Web
  • Directory & Listing Program
  • Banner ad counter and statistics
  • Simple Banner Ad Rotation
  • Plain Text Counter program
  • Graphics Counter - Uses images to display the count
  • New V2.2 Program to password protect a page
  • New V2.0 Password protect multiple pages
  • Simple Search V3.0 - Search through your web pages
  • Simple Search V4.0 - Searches your complete web site
  • Search Engine for NT
  • "Who are You" - Program to show environment variables
  • Counter for server Side Includes
  • Graphics Counter for SSI
  • Path Test - Program to determin the path for setting up cgi programs

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    Since 1992,  providing quality programs for the web

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