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March 02, 2009
Perminate Link for Multi Purpose Calendar Program   Multi Purpose Calendar Program
By: Ranson
Mon Mar 2 2009 02:37:10

The Calendar program is useful for just about any type of calendar one would need. It is very configurable for the type of site / organization where you do any scheduling.

The calendar will print 2 months horizontal or 2 months vertical. Or you can print only 1 month.  There are Previous - Next links that can be turned on/off as needs vary.

There is also a form that users can select a month to view.  All options can be turned on / off with the administrative program.

This program is meant to be used in an Iframe on an existing HTML page. Or if you use  no Previous - Next links, it can be used as a javascript feed that you can embed on any web page with just a short line of HTML code.

The size of the calendar is completely scalable, from about 140px up to full screen. There are several ways to configure text for a single day. You can print the text for that day in the calendar day cell, or use tool tips, or both.  You can also use a legend, as is on the demo, to show the activity for that day.

Other options can be added if you have special needs such as linking to a registration form.

The demo calendar is setup as a service that shows available days for a cabin rental unit. Contact Us if you are interested in the program and we will get right back to you.

The calendar was originally to replace the calendar on
Hills Florida Cabins.

Demo the program here  --   another demo, 2 cals vertical
Perminate Link for New Software for West Midland Caravans   New Software for West Midland Caravans
By: Ranson
Mon Mar 2 2009 02:35:40
Just finished a new program for West Midland Caravans in the UK.  They sell used travel trailers and motor homes.  The program outputs the data for the caravans so that it can be placed in an Iframe on a page. 

The same software can be used for selling any type of cars, truck, trailers, or motorhomes. 

I enjoyed writing the program and worked at making it more universal so as to be used by more than just one dealer. Program uses templates for total control of how a listing looks.

Febuary 20, 2009
Perminate Link for
By: Ranson
Fri Feb 20 2009 18:43:35
Just finished some new software for one of our clients. It is a search engine for Online Merchants. The site is called EPIS or EveryPlaceISell.  This was very fun software to put together. Used MySQL for the database.  Below is from the about page on EPIS.


More and more sellers are going "multi-channel" - this means they might sell on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and other auction and fixed-price marketplaces. Many sellers have also created their own websites. is a directory to help you keep track of your favorite sellers. You can make sure you are finding all of their products, at the best prices!

You can use to find sellers with whom you have done business - or to find new sellers. You can also browse for promotions sellers are running on various sites.

Savvy shoppers use to:
  • Find your favorite seller
  • Find out if your favorite seller offers lower pricing on their own websites or other venues
  • Find out if your favorite seller offers a broader selection of merchandise on their own website
  • Find out what promotions or deals sellers are offering on each of the venues on which they sell
  • Find new sellers by searching for a product or browsing categories
  • Use as a research tool to learn more about sellers and where they are listing their products! is a user-generated directory to help buyers find their favorite sellers. You can search the directory by seller business name or User ID to find the seller with a list of all the places they sell. You will also find special offers and sales the merchant may be offering on a particular site, such as free shipping or coupons. Sellers, you may list your business in the directory for free - make sure your customers can always find you.

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