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FFA and 100 Links Program for Unix and NT
Download 100 Links

There are many new features in the program.

Built in page counter.
A preview page so the user can check their entry and link before they submit, allowing them to go back and fix something they messed up.
A 'black list' file that is checked to see if there is a URL there that you don't want on the page. Good for those who abuse your service, and put their link on 50 times.
File locking so that it doesn't mess up when two people try to submit at the same time.
The option of getting an email whenever someone makes an entry to your page.
The option of sending an email to the person that just entered a link on your page. I find this very handy to get return links from their page.

These pages become popular quickly, so after just a few months you can sell banner ad's on the page if it is something you would want.

View the script in action.
Also you might want to review the readme file.

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